A Career in Programming

The final piece of the puzzle!

Our series of blogs took us on path a programmer takes from as early as his apprenticeship days, across various Engineering posts, such as Senior and Software Engineers, all the way to a Staff Engineer, responsible for handling multiple projects and teams. Not many people advance thus far, and even less become Principal Engineers, in charge of the entire organization. However, there is one more step on the road to programming stardom and that is the post of an Engineer of Distinction. If you are talented, hard-working, and persistent enough (in that order) you might work as these engineers one day, so don’t miss this chance to find out what their work consists of.

A Career in Programming

“If you are going through hell, keep going”.

A phrase attributed to Winston Churchill aptly describes the path a novice in the IT industry takes to become an Engineer of Distinction. This uphill struggle costs both money and time (measured in years), but the end result will hopefully prove worthy. In our latest series of blogs you’ll get a unique chance to find out how all the stages of a programmer’s career look like, beginning with the apprenticeship programme, through the various engineering jobs to become the Principal Engineer of the company and finally conquer the entire industry. But be aware from the very start, not all programmers get to the final stage!


At the beginning of their career many new Rails developers put complex presentation logic directly into the templates, that looks something like this:

<%= @player.first_name.capitalize + " " + @player.nick_name.capitalize + " " + @player.last_name.capitalize %>

At that point, that kind of solution seems reasonable, but after awhile they all ask the same question: Is this the right place for such a code?

Important Things You Need To Improve About Your Web Business.

Regardless whether your business is a thriving IT startup or you just run a small local business, you feel the need to make your presence felt online. Having a website or even trading online is a must today. However, merely having a web business is far from enough: you must improve it constantly, and here is a list of the first five things you can do to make your website better:

Desktop computers

So... You have just founded your own firm, defined the product or the service you are selling, and even did some market research to see who your potential buyers are. The only thing needed before the money starts pouring in is the trivial issue of web development. Well, things might just not be as simple as one might think, and your startup won’t be the first to misunderstand how web development functions. We have compiled a list of eight most common misconceptions about web development you are likely to have:


We created AxiomQ by merging two companies. Both of them had their own sites. To keep search engines happy we need to setup 301 redirects. Unfortunately, one site was running on Github Pages which doesn’t support 301 redirects.

The solution was to create a simple Rack app, use rack-rewrite gem to redirect traffic, and deploy it on Heroku.

Rack-rewrite is a nice gem which implements a rack middleware that acts similar to Apache mod_rewrite. Rewrite rules are simple to define. I encourage you to take a look at rack-rewrite docs.

We only needed the most simple 301 http redirect which redirects a page to new URL. Like this one redirecting about page to new team page: